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A. E.
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United States
I'm a common artist, who enjoys to draw and illustrate. Ask me question, i might have an answer. ▽・x・▽


hoRRoR by AsgitariuosEstis
This is just a mini warm up quicky sketch I did, but I now spent an hour to make this because I suddenly got blank and this is what came. It has been quite long since I drew black and white with one color. I should had spent that hour studding instead of getting distracted in drawing. Silly meh! I'm pretty busy now on this few days, butz will be freez fromz studingz!!! And nothing but a good day to stay up very late, 3 am in the freaking morning, and enjoy the view of my dear computer. Yez.

Enjoy it you poo poos!!!
Out of my way! by AsgitariuosEstis
Out of my way!

This are my Original Characters, Yoyi and Dimno. In this scene, Dimno is having an extreme nose bleed by looking at Yoyi's.....eghm, boobs. And Yoyi simply pushed him away. I don't know why I wrote Japanese, butz I hope you like it!! If you can't read what it says on top in japanese, it says " Out of my way!" I may have not writen it right, since I don't know much, only speaking. Butz I tried my very best, like no one ever had~! ( Pokemon song stuck in mah mind) Enjoy Dimno's nose bleeding!
Old Me and New Me by AsgitariuosEstis
Old Me and New Me
 I used to be a total different person, like a person that was always in a sad, depressing mood. And I always dressed as a tomboy, in the age of 14 to 16, and I wasn't myself. Butz when I came to AMERICA at the age of 16, I got into an immigrant school, and made soo much friends from many different countries. And I was like, "Hey....I'm not being me. Why am I acting like an emo person? I don't want to be the same like them just because I got  bullied or blah blah bleh.... I want to change back to meee~!!!!" And now, everyone respect, cares, and loves me~! ( As a friend, family, sister way. ) Because I'm me. Now in my studies ( where adult people are now, so cool! ) I had made sooo many friends, so many.

When I first created my deviantART, at the age 15, I was planning to draw horror and nasty stuff, just like any emo person would do. But as I have mature more and giving more importance to my life, I realise that this is not my kind of art theme. I'm actually a shy and quiet person when someone looks at me, but as a social person ( when talking to me in real life, not in social media ) You will see who I really am. Not telling, too lazeh. AnyWHO, this is something that someone asked me in my studies, " Was this awesome personality of yours when you were younger?" and I'm like, " Hell nah bro!! I was different." And he was like, " Tell meh! Or draw yourself before and after"
And the conversations continues on and on. 

So here's a little something about me!! I'm actually a better person, and feeling very comfortable who I am!! And enjoy my drawing!!
CHROMEO - Come Alive by AsgitariuosEstis
CHROMEO - Come Alive
A fanART I did for mah favorite funky people! Chromeo and Toro y Moi~!    This is from the music video Come Alive, I just love it too much and decided to draw them. Did a lot of effects on this drawing, I do hope you guys like it very much, 'cause I love it!!!! 

Haven't heard or seen the video? Then what are you doing staring at mah drawing!? Go watch and hear their amazing music!!!!!
KathyandMe by AsgitariuosEstis

Welp, this is how me and my sister are, mostly all day, fighting who gets it first. Obviously I get it first, because SHE EAT IT ALL!! Yesh Katheh, I only eat like two cookehs and you eat the whole god damn package. Freaking PandaBelly she has!!! Eghm.

There's meh, with mah flawless blue shirt and beanie and Coffee( my babeh bird) on top, and my sistah with her Panda Long jacket, doing her "Huh!?" thingy.


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